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Naturally Cleaning Mold and Mildew

There a several natural ways to kill mold and mildew - all of these are great solutions. While bleach is commonly used to clean mold, it does not remove it as effectively as simple white vinegar.

White Distilled Vinegar:

Pour vinegar (do not dilute) into a spray bottle. Spray moldy area thoroughly and let sit for an hour or so. Wipe down the surface with a warm damp cloth and let dry. The vinegar smell will disappear as it dries.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Pour 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle. Saturate the moldy surface completely and leave it to sit for 10 minutes. Next, scrub the area to remove all of the mold and mold stains. And finally, wipe the surface down with a warm damp cloth and let dry.

Borax and Vinegar:

Mix a cup of borax with a gallon of water and spray it on the mold, followed by a spray application of full-strength vinegar. You can also make a one-step spray solution by mixing 2 tablespoons of borax in a 1/4 cup of vinegar and adding 2 cups of warm water. Wait an hour after application, then wipe the surface down again with a clean damp cloth.

Baking Soda:

Add one quarter tablespoon of baking soda to spray bottle of water and shake until dissolved. Spray affected area with baking soda and water solution and then use a scrub brush to remove all the mold from the surface. Next, rinse the surface with water to remove any residual mold on the surface. Finally, spray the area again and let the surface dry. (This will kill any left-over mold and prevent the mold from returning).

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